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yours_truly;-/ Address:Overijse, Belgium
D.O.Birth: April 26,1977.
Place of Birth: Accra, Ghana, West Africa.
Nationality: Ghanaian

**NB: this is an old CV from 2001**

However, if you are at all interested (wouldn't know why as I'm a simple munchkin!), click here to take a peak at my updated CV...

...and, hey, go ahead, have a laugh at some of the things one puts down on their CV!;-)


  • I am passionate about writing and international affairs
  • I enjoy communicating with people and am comfortable speaking in public
  • I like working in a team and have good interpersonal skills
  • I consider myself a cosmopolitan having experienced a strong British and American-style education throughout my 20-year+ stay in Belgium.

    1996-2000 Vesalius College, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
    B(achelor of) A(rts) in International Affairs and History Among courses taken with my major were those in Communication studies: Public Speaking; News Writing & Reporting; Writing For the Media; Political Communication; International Role of News Media.

    1988-1995 British School of Brussels, Tervuren, Belgium
    11 GCSEs & A-Levels in English Literature; French; History and Computing A/S Level

    1982-88 Brussels English Primary School, Belgium
    Won E.C.I.S. Award for International Understanding

    1981-82 Ecole Vervoelesem, Woluwe Saint Lambert, Brussels, Belgium

    1981 Datus International Preparatory School, Accra, Ghana


    Jan 2001 -- International Coalition for Development Action (ICDA), Brussels, Belgium Intern working on producing daily WTO Impact List (WTOIL); working on ICDA Update; following EU-NGO Civil Society discussions, and monitoring the African Caribbean Pacific (ACP) -- EU's Cotonou Agreement; as well as following Third United Nations Conference on Least Developed Countries (LDCs).

    August 1998-2000 Vesalius College, VUB, Belgium Student Tutor for English, History and Politics. Provided one-to-one tuition for students who wanted assistance with their papers.

    Jan -- May 2000 Vesalius College, VUB, Belgium Administrative assistant for Professor of Sociology (worked on filing and photocopying)

    Summer 1998 Gardening work ( trimming hedges; mowing the lawn) in local area and neighbourhood

    June--July 1995 Babysitting children for French and English-speaking families

    Language Skills: English (fluent); French (very good); Dutch (intermediate); Spanish (basic).

    Computer skills: WordPerfect; Microsoft Word 97; Microsoft Windows 3.0/3.11/95; Microsoft DOS 5.0/6.0/6.2; Netscape; general knowledge of Microsoft Excel; Opera 3.0;HTML editor; Internet: General knowledge of Macintosh; Microsoft Powerpoint; general knowledge of Macromedia Dreamweaver.

    Extracurricular Activities & Honours

    14-20 May 2001: NGO Delegate working in Trade Caucus (for NGO Forum) at UN Conference on LDC III in Brussels (14-20 May). I prepared a speech on behalf of Trade Caucus, which I read at the Conference's General Statements session. The speech made reference to what our caucus group would like to see changed -- in particular EU Commissioner for Trade Pascal Lamy's EBA initiative, as well as market access for the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) -- in the Conference's Programme of Action. (POA). The statement can be found posted on LDC III Conference Website:

    September 2000: Offered own column in college paper, The Vernacular

    April 2000: Co-volunteered help at 5-star Plaza Hotel in Brussels. Helped with ushering for Professional Women’s International Networking Evening.

    March 2000: Co-represented Vesalius College at Universities Fair at International School of The Hague, The Netherlands. Co-promoted Vesalius College by encouraging school-leavers and their parents to visit the place.

    1998-2000: Student Tutor at Vesalius College’s Writing Center. This involves one-to-one consultation with students who need or want help improving their writing. I was part of an eight-strong team who provide help not only with grammar and essay structure, but also understanding context and thesis of paper.

    1996-97: Obtained Yellow Belt in Judo, Budo Ryu, Overijse, Belgium.

    Oct. 1994: Organized and Co-presented talk on United Nations and its 49 years, British School of Brussels. (B.S.B)

    1994-95: Co-creator of Senior Section Debating Society at B.S.B. Organized three debates.

    Jan.1994: Attended THIMUN 1994 (The Hague International Model United Nations). Environment Committee representing Argentina; Model NATO, Brussels.


    Oct. 1993: MINIMUN (Mini Model United Nations) Deutsche Schule, The Hague, Netherlands.

    Sept.1993-94: Worked as part of editorial team on school’s magazine and newspaper.

    1991-93: Percussionist in "Second Orchestra" (B.S.B's music band)

    1990: Elected Class Representative. Co-organized social evening.

    1988: Won E.C.I.S. Award for International Understanding.

    Website Skills

    Jan 2001 -- Current "Chief Technologist"/Webmaster for Development NGO, ICDA (International Coalition for Development Action)'s website -- Radically redesigned Website.

    March 2001 --: Created -- site dedicated to United Nations and League of Nations' involvement in selective international conflicts

    Aug. 1999 - 2000: Created (and maintain) POL-211 Website (Vesalius College course on Diplomatic History (Evolution of the International System : 1815-1945) ) -- Now:

    Jan 1999 -- 2000: Webmaster for Vesalius College's Writing Center Website --

    March 1997 -- : Created first Webpage -- -- This site features some of the work that has been published in Vesalius College's Vernacular magazine (, but is more of an eclectic mix of personal interests, all of which, though unfinished, were stored on this site under my on-line pseudonym of Max Sunrise.

    Hobbies & Interests

    I enjoy reading; creative writing and journaling. I have been writing a diary since 1989, and have been a keen contributor to Vesalius College's student publication, The Vernacular. I am passionately interested in United Nations issues; British Politics, and Third World Politics. I have been reading the Guardian newspaper since 1994. I enjoy crime fiction drama like Inspector Morse, Columbo, Prime Suspect, and The X-Files. I have been a keen badminton player, having played for six-and-a-half years, and also enjoy squash.


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