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Work: (tel) +32-2-230.04.30

PHONE +32-2-xx.xx.xx

FAX +32-2-xx.xx.xx

MOBILE :+32-477-595.576

E-MAIL ekbensah@gemini-translation.com

Emmanuel.K.Bensah II

Political scientist specializing in global regional integration, ACP-EU relations; the WTO; international development, & International Politics, and in year 4 of NGO experience at a trade/development NGO, with observer status at UNCTAD in Brussels

Personal Information

Marital status: Single

Nationality: Ghanaian

DOB: 26 April, 1977

Place of Birth: Accra, GHANA

Web : http://ekbensah.tripod.com/index.html

Personal Profile

  • Highly-skilled & effective communicator with excellent communication skills (reading; writing; researching)
  • Active & rigorous experience of NGO community brought about by working in NGO field straight after graduation
  • Deep commitment to social justice, with good sense of humour ready to tackle stressful situations

Regional Integration reports

  1. The Big Four: MERCOSUR, ECOWAS Tales; & NAFTA. ICDA Secretariat. Brussels. 2001.
  2. Free Trade Unlimited: MERCOSUR, SADC, AGOA, & New Zealand. ICDA Secretariat, Brussels. 2001.
  3. New Scrambles on the Bloc: EU, TNCs, & Regionalism. ICDA Secretariat. Brussels. 2002
  4. ACP Group & Agriculture Before WTOMC4. ICDA Secretariat. Brussels. 2002.
  5. On ASEAN Getting Tough, & MERCOSUR: Murder Most Horrid. ICDA Secretariat, Brussels. 2002

Interviews for Regionalism-related issues

  • Netherlands ‘Business Niews Radio’ Journalist Lara Rense interviewed me, by phone, about civil war in Liberia, and role of ECOWAS in resolving conflict. 24 July, 2003.


To work on international development-related issues in an international public organisation, where I can apply my writing skills; NGO experience; webmaster skills; public speaking skills; and research skills.


2001-2003 Université Libre de Bruxelles Brussels, BELGIUM

M.A. in International Politics

Final thesis title: "Is There No Alternative? Can ASEAN & ECOWAS Regionalism Respond to the West’s Push for Global Trade Liberalisation?" Final grade: 33/40 ("grande distinction") grade ‘A’.

1996-2000 Vesalius College, VUB BELGIUM

B.A. in International Affairs & History

Minor in Communication Studies:

  • Public Speaking (B);
  • News Writing & Reporting (B);
  • Writing for the Media (B+);
  • Political Communication(A);
  • International Role of the News Media (A-);
  • Peace & Security Studies (B)


1988-1995 British School of Brussels, TERVUREN BELGIUM

11 GCSEs, and A-Levels in English Literature ; French ; History ; Computer A/S Level

1982-88 Brussels English Primary School, BELGIUM

won 1988 ECIS Award for International Understanding. Awarded to a pupil who is a good representative of his/her country ; who has ability to speak in two languages, and bring people together towards international understanding.

Awards received

European Council of International Schools (ECIS) award for International Understanding (1988); Best poem for Writing Center (2000);

Interests and activities

Public speaking; creative writing; journaling; UN history; Third World Politics; British Politics; International Conflicts; walking pet dog; Squash; Badminton; reading (The Guardian) newspapers; website editing; global regional integration issues, with focus on peace and security/conflict issues. Music: jazz; hard rock; world music; eclectic.


English: SPOKEN (fluent); WRITTEN: (excellent); READING: (excellent); French: SPOKEN (very good); WRITTEN: (very good); READING: (excellent) Dutch: SPOKEN (conversational); WRITTEN (fair); READING (fair)

Spanish: SPOKEN(basic); WRITTEN (basic); READING (basic)

German: SPOKEN(basic); WRITTEN (basic); READING (good)

United Nations Experience (direct / indirect)

October 2003-- ICDA Secretariat, Brussels

  • Producing newsletter for ICDA Members on activities and events in run-up to UNCTAD XI in Brazil (June 2004), and posting useful information on ICDA website as way of outreach.

May 2001 Third United Nations Conference on Least Developed Countries, Brussels, BELGIUM

  • NGO delegate working in Trade Caucus (for NGO Forum) at UN Conference
  • Prepared a speech on behalf of Trade Caucus group. Statement made reference to what our group would have liked to see changed—in particular for EU Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy’s EBA initiative, as well as market-access for LDCs -- in the Programme’s Programme Of Action (POA).
  • Statement can be found posted on LDC3 Conference website: http://www.un.org/events/ldc3/conference/address/tradecaucus18_e.htm

Work experience

Jan.2001—present International Coalition for Development Action (ICDA) Brussels, BELGIUM

Programme Assistant (to ICDA Chairperson) / Webmaster

  • Working on producing, and sub-editing a daily analysis of international development and trade-related news for ICDA’s flagship electronic newsletter the WTO Impact List (WTOIL). It has special, but not exclusive, focus on the World Trade Organisation’s external trade policies for this development NGO that has consultative status with the United Nations Conference on Trade & Development (UNCTAD). Five areas of daily analysis include:
    • i. Trade & Least Developed Countries (impact of globalisation on the Third World);
    • ii. Trade & Environment (sustainable development);
    • iii. Trade & WTO agreements (agriculture, EU positions, etc);
    • iv. Trade & Regional Organisations (impacts of peace/conflict on inter/intra-regional trade);
    • v. Trade & World Bank/IMF/TNCs impact on poor.
  • Working on ICDA Update (with focus on Trade & Trade-related issues of past 6 months). This ICDA publication goes out twice a year.
  • Following and monitoring EU-NGO Civil Society discussions on gender, trade, and development-related issues at the European institutions.
  • Monitoring regional trade agreements and regional organisations updates for the WTOIL, such as ACP; FTAA; NAFTA; ASEAN; MERCOSUR; APEC; ECOWAS – to name but seven regional organisations
  • Following Third United Nations Conference on Least Developed Countries (LDCs) for WTOIL, including having been an active member of the Trade Caucus at the UN Conference on LDCs in May 2001.
  • Contacting, and liasing with ICDA’s member NGO organisations, including OXFAM GB; Action Aid UK; World Development Movement by phone, fax, and email
  • Providing outreach for ICDA by producing occasional information sheets to reflect ICDA’s work on development education, advocacy & trade.
  • Re-designing & updating the ICDA Website
  • Researching & writing reports of conferences for meetings of Brussels-based networks like the European Trade Network (ETN).
  • Assisting the Chairperson in writing concept papers for fundraising
  • Interviewing and screening prospective interns and/or volunteers for office work
  • Assisting in Gender-related programme in ICDA’s capacity as European

focal point for International Gender & Trade Network.


Student tutor for English; History; Politics

Provided one-to-one tuition for students (freshmen; sophomores; juniors) who wanted assistance with their papers on thesis and grammar.


Administrative assistant to Professor of Sociology Alison Woodward

  • Photocopied necessary papers/articles
  • filed important papers
  • other administrative tasks

Volunteer experience

  1. Review of International Socialist Questions (RISQ) Associate, The Netherlands
  • Conduct peer review of writers working on questions related to globalisation; Africa; and global regional integration.

2000—Present Amnesty International

  • Member of "Urgent Action"

1998-99 Student tutor at Vesalius College’s writing center


Workshop experience

21-25 March 2002, Financial Activism & Beyond, Amersfoort, The NETHERLANDS

  • Attended & actively participated in a workshop on how the Global Economy works
  • Studied economic concepts; foreign aid system & international financial institutions (IFIs), such as the World Bank, the IMF, and how they work structurally
  • Examined case studies of financial activism: Latvia; Poland; rest of Europe
  • Analysis of how NGO ATTAC (better-known for work on Tobin Tax) campaigns, and possible lessons for future campaign of trade/development issues
  • Examined World Bank Boycott strategy—how it started in the US, and how successful model could be replicated in Europe
  • Finally, discussion (roundtable) and analysis of Financial Activism & Ethical Investment

Extracurricular activities

Obtained yellow belt in Judo (1996); dog-walking; organised and presented talk on 49-yr history of United Nations to students (BSB); co-created Senior Section Debating Society (1994-95); UN Delegate representing Argentina at Environment Committee for The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) in 1994; Model Nato, representing Luxembourg. Member of editorial team on school’s magazine/newspaper; drummer/percussionist in BSB’s music band "Second Orchestra) between 1991—93

Public Speaking Skills

March 2003, Journalism School ICHEC, BRUSSELS

  • Presented ICDA’s present; past, and future activities on international development and trade to final-year Journalism students. Also provided key insights into international development, as well as explored role of media in helping push NGO ideas forward.

February 2003, Vesalius College, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)

  • Prepared speech/presentation for Forum entitled "The Implications of Regional Organisations & NGOs in a Dangerous World."

September 2001, Vesalius College, Brussels

  • Prepared speech/presentation for Forum entitled "ICDA, LDCs, & NGOs: Another Way of Saving the World?"

1999-2000 Vesalius College, Brussels

  • Wrote mini-speeches with humorous/witty angle, designed to attract students to the Writing Center, every Wednesday of the two semesters for college’s "Forum" gathering.

Computer Skills

  • WordPerfect; Microsoft Word 97; Microsoft Windows 3.0/3.11/95/XP; Microsoft DOS 5.0/6.0/6.2;

  • Netscape; general knowledge of Microsoft Excel; Opera 3.0;HTML editing; Internet: General knowledge of Macintosh; Microsoft Powerpoint; general knowledge of Macromedia Dreamweaver.

Website Skills

Jan 2001 – Present: "Chief Technologist"/Webmaster for Development NGO, ICDA (International Coalition for Development Action)'s website http://www.icda.be -- Radically redesigned Website.

March 2001 --: Created http://un_org.tripod.com -- site dedicated to United Nations and League of Nations' involvement in selective international conflicts

Aug. 1999 - 2000: Created POL-211 Website (Vesalius College course on Diplomatic History (Evolution of the International System: 1815-1945) ) -- http://writing_center.tripod.com/pol211. Now: http://go.to/politics211

Jan 1999 -- 2000: Webmaster for Vesalius College's Writing Center Website -- http://come.to/writingcenter


March 1997 --: Created first Webpage -- http://max_sunrise.tripod.com -- This site features some of the work that has been published in Vesalius College's Vernacular magazine (http://max_sunrise.tripod.com/writer.htm), but is more of an eclectic mix of personal interests, all of which, though unfinished, were stored on this site under my on-line pseudonym of ‘Max Sunrise’.


Online. Bensah, Emmanuel.K. http://www.risq.org/article128.html The Liberian Conflict: a case for regional peace enforcement? July 2003. Review of International Social Questions.

Online. Bensah, Emmanuel.K. http://www.risq.org/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=85. APEC in the Wake of the Bali Bombing. May 2003. Review of International Social Questions.

Online. Bensah, Emmanuel.K. http://www.risq.org/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=92. The Cotonou Agreement: Who’s Agreeing? May 2003. Review of International Social Questions.

Online. Bensah, Emmanuel.K. http://www.zmag.org/content/showarticle cfm?SectionID=2&ItemID=2117 Pandora Revisited: The Plight of LDCs & Food Security. ZNet | A Community of People Committed to Social Change. July 2002.

Online. Bensah, Emmanuel.K http://www.wtowatch.org/library/admin/uploadedfiles/Case_for_United_Nations_LDC3_August_2001_The.htm. The Case for United Nations LDC3: August 2001. IATP Trade Observatory Document Library.. 2001

Bensah, Emmanuel.K. New Pact in UN is Disappointing. IN ICDA Update on Trade & Trade-Related Issues. Special on TNCs, FDI, Ethics & Financing Sustainable Development. N#40-41. ICDA Secretariat, Brussels. January-April 2002

Bensah, Emmanuel.K. On Theories of Free Trade & TNCs IN ICDA Update on Trade & Trade-Related Issues. Special on TNCs, FDI, Ethics & Financing Sustainable Development. N#40-41. ICDA Secretariat, Brussels. January-April 2002

Bensah, Emmanuel.K. New Scrambles on the Bloc: EU, TNCs, & Regionalism IN ICDA Update on Trade & Trade-Related Issues. Special on TNCs, FDI, Ethics & Financing Sustainable Development. N#40-41. ICDA Secretariat, Brussels. January-April 2002

Bensah, Emmanuel.K. What Sector Will Actually Finance Development? IN ICDA Update on Trade & Trade-Related Issues. Special on TNCs, FDI, Ethics & Financing Sustainable Development. N#40-41. ICDA Secretariat, Brussels. January-April 2002 Also online at: http://www.icda.be/ffdevelopment/whatsector.htm

Bensah, Emmanuel.K. Regional Blocs in Africa—Too Many for the Economic Partnership Agreements? ICDA Secretariat, Brussels. July 2002

Relevant Conferences (2001-2002)

15-16 November, 2002, Brussels

  • International Conference co-ordinated and organised by interns at ICDA Secretariat: "Filling the Development Deficit and Influencing Fifth WTO Ministerial in Cancun, Mexico". Conference aimed at discussing and attempting to identify core deficits of the latest international conferences, as well as examining and analysing the role of the private sector, FDI; partnerships; and corporate social responsibility (CSR) after Johannesburg, as follow-up to ICDA Trade and TNC Seminar in April 2002. (http://www.icda.be/annual-conference/index.html)

26 November, 2002, University of Leuven, Belgium

  • Second International Conference on Globalisation, with introduction, and interventions by Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstad

10 October, 2002, The Hague, Netherlands

  • Eu Trade Policy: "EBA or EPA—What’s in it for Developing Countries? (Everything But Arms/Economic Partnership Agreements)

3 October, 2002, ACP Secretariat, Brussels

  • NGO Seminar on Peace & Development in Sudan

4 July, 2002, Borschette, European Union

  • AD-HOC Meeting on ACP-EU Negotiations, organised by EUROSTEP

20 April, 2002, Brussels

  • Seminar organised by interns at ICDA Secretariat (including myself): "Pushing TNCs to Commit to Sustainable Development Goals & Financing for Development: Is Ethical Investment, Good Corporate Citizenship, & Accountability for TNCs the Answer?" (http://www.icda.be/ffdevelopment/tncseminar)

17 April, 2002, European Parliament, Brussels

  • "Counterbalancing the WTO with Strong Environmental & Social Rules"

20 February, 2002, Brussels, Belgium

  • "How To Ensure ACP-EU Trade Arrangements Contribute to the Campaign Against Poverty"

8-10 January 2002, Paris

  • Represented ICDA at NGO conference by French NGO SOLAGRAL (working on agriculture, environment, and trade issues) entitled "Agriculture: Moving Beyond Non-Trade Concerns"

October 2001, Paris

  • Represented ICDA for first SOLAGRAL conference entitled "WTO Transparency & Reform"

Additional Information

Travelled to: UK; France; Germany; Ghana; Portugal; The Netherlands;

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