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In Memoriam

  • Pictures of Phoenix with the family

  • In Memoriam

    It was never supposed to end like this. Last week, Friday 13 December 2002, you were supposed to be still alive. You greeted me, like you always do, with a wag of that loving tail. You were going to greet Dad, too. You had been with Mum the whole day, and you were fine. Yet...God had other plans for you--a plan unbeknownst to Dad, Mum, and myself. You will always live in our hearts. You've probably met Samuel junior now: how he would have been great with you. But, Phoenix, now that you're a spirit, know that you shall always have a home with us. We all love you. We dedicate this site to you. Lots of love for ever xxxEmmanuel, Mum, Dad

    Where is my baby? I ask
    No answer and you did not come to me.
    Where is my baby Phoenix? I ask again.
    Yet you did not show.
    Then I remembered you went to the vet's.
    Throughout the weekend when we stayed down here,
    It felt like you'd gone to the kennels.
    Yet I missed you terribly.
    Come Monday, we hadn't gone anywhere
    And you hadn't come home.
    I waited to here you scratching on our bedroom door.
    But that never happened.
    You were probably on the lawn,
    Saying goodbye to those who were going to work or school.
    Yet I did not hear your bark.
    In the bathroom, I stretched out my hand to stroke your head
    But there was nothing there but a vacuum
    I searched for you all day
    Come evening, I heard the other dogs welcoming the home-comers
    I did not hear your bark
    I opened the terrace door
    But you did not come in.
    Where is my baby?
    I keep asking yet you do not show up.
    There is something terribly wrong
    'Cos my insides are hurting.
    Where is my baby Phoenix?
    I am told you are at Rainbow Bridge Waiting to meet up with us.

    submitted by "Mum" Bensah

    22 June 1993--
    14 December 2002


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