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Flashback: An Overview of Websites
Max Sunrise's Writer Section

Max Sunrise's Page: Where The Sun Always Shines!
This site features some of the work that has been published in Vesalius College's Vernacular magazine (, but is more of an eclectic mix of personal interests, all of which, though unfinished, were stored on this site under my on-line pseudonym of Max Sunrise.

A little bit old...
This was -- and remains -- Vesalius College's first Writing Center website. Though admittedly rudimentary in terms of layout, there are a few useful items, such as Word for the Week. More interestingly, please check out the latest one, designed by dedicated VeCo-Man -- Damiry Yegisbayev here.

There's no bizness like Nappy's bizness
In 1999, Created (and maintain) POL-211 Website (Vesalius College course on Diplomatic History (Evolution of the International System : 1815-1945). Though still unfinished at time of writing, it provides some essays on the themes covered by one of my very dynamic and charismatic History professors, Dr.Palo To this day, this course remains one of my most favourite ones at Vesalius.

Check out this development NGO's page
The International Coalition for Development Action is both a coalition of mainly development NGOs and networks and other civil society organizations in the North and South, as well as an advocacy NGO Current "Chief Technologist"/Webmaster for Development NGO, ICDA (International Coalition for Development Action)'s website -- Radically redesigned Website

Globalisation Issue Updates on this site
  • Regional Trade Links In my internship at ICDA, I have been focussing on Regional Trade issues, where I have covered issues on APEC, ECOWAS, MERCOSUR, NAFTA to name but four regional blocs.[Posted:Thursday 6 September,2001]
  • Recommended articles Check out this link to check some useful essays -- both academic and general -- on globalisation/trade-related issues.

  • It's Our United Nations!
    This website is pretty self-explanatory. I set it up essentially as site dedicated to United Nations and League of Nations' involvement in selective international conflicts. Favourite "conflict" has got to be the Suez Crisis of 1956. Please read on to find out why;-) But do brace yourself as I do make some pretty disparaging remarks about Anthony Eden whilst full of praise (well...) for Nasser.

    Last updated: Wednesday '5' September 2001 @2:54pm CET