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Regional Trade Links (to be updated)
  • Assistant Professor of Managment Jim Walton's page on 'Major Regional Trade Agreements'-- (From Augusta University)
  • Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa
  • Ghana Embassy's view on Trade
  • "News and Views from around the world"
  • Fantastic source on regional trade issues, detailing, as indicated on website, "NAME OF REGIONAL TRADE AGREEMENT BY ALPHABETICAL ORDER'. Enjoy:-)
  • Unfortunately, the link is not working. The best I could do was bring you the following links in its place:

  • Borderlandse Journal, AUstralia
  • As above, but with outline of critical themes
  • Australia Parliament Info on APEC
  • MONASH's Institue for Regional Studies
  • {Posted: Wednesday 31 August, 2005}
  • Very improved website of the Nigeria-based ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) group, established since 1975.
  • -- the name speaks for itself, no?
  • Some very useful info about Mercosur, but from the Embassy of Uruguay, USA
  • "Africa's leading business website and one of the world's top mining, energy and international trade websites".
  • From Down Under. Looking for progressive issues on debt, globalisation and trade-related articles? Published by the Green Party in Australia, this is the magazine to check out for sure if you eschew euphemisms and advocate candid, hard and trenchant arguments. Leftist? Ye--ah, just a bit;-)
  • The Brussels-based Comparative Regional Integration Studies that is part of the United Nations University system
  • UNU-CRIS's database--invaluable!!
  • Embassy of Uruguay
  • Links last updated: Wednesday 31 August, 2005 @ 4.15pm GMT

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